Why you need a business website today.

Whenever I make a web design service pitch, some of the most common responses I get are “Why do I need a website? I’ve got an active social media page”, or “I don’t believe I need a website at the moment, maybe later.” 

We live in a digital age today. A world where almost every man or woman next to you uses a smartphone. As of April 2020, about 4.57 billion people were active internet users, that is ~59% of the global population! Let that sink in, 59%!

Google searching what service or product you need, has become a ritual during service seeking. And where do you think those search results lead to? Websites, landing pages designed to showcase services, products, skills, projects, you name it. All structured for conversion, turning visitors to clients or customers.

By not having a website for your business, you do yourself and your business a disservice by not tapping into this endless pool of service seekers. 

Also the reliance on social media alone, without a website is the perfect definition of “not closing a deal / sale”. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, are undeniably quite efficient as marketing tools. However, to instill credibility, earn trust, convert a potential client to a client, you need a proper corporate website with all the perks it offers. 

That being said, listed below, from experience are 13 meticulously collated reasons as to why you need a corporate website for your business, and the values they offer.

Why you need a corporate website.


1. Your Very Own Digital Business Card

I want you to imagine a scenario where you are pitching a sale, or trying to network with a number of people at a summit or conference, without owning a website. You would have to explain, without a go to evidence or showcase, of what service or product you offer, to each individual. How many people do you think would take you seriously with no corporate website? 

With a website, well designed & structured, all you need to do is make a sales pitch and redirect potential clients to your product or service page, or portfolio on your corporate website. 

A proper website encapsulates all you need for conversion, your services, products, company “about us”, reviews & testimonials, and contact info.


2. Tapping Into The Endless Reservoir of Potential Clients

Google, a name every smartphone user or non user is familiar with, is the number one go to platform when you need an answer. “Where can I find a Power BI trainer?”, “Where can I buy an award plaque?”, Where is the nearest hair salon?”, you name it, we go to Google.

Some people don’t even know other search engines exist. No surprise there, since it, as at January 2020, accounts for 91.54% of the Global Search Engine Market Share & has about 3.5 billion daily searches.

Ranking at the top of Google search engine result pages, hence, becomes the goal of business owners online. Having your corporate website listed at the top of the SERPs, on your niche for specific search queries, means most people looking for your product or service would come first to your website. Structure your website properly and you’ve got yourself a client.

Tap into a reservoir of clients


3. Showcasing Your Expertise

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

– John Ruskin

It takes time & effort to build quality in service or product. To build confidence and trust, showcasing your work or portfolio,  to potential clients in a professional manner is very important.

With a portfolio page, you can easily close sales, by showing already executed projects. Structure your portfolio page to first show your best works.


4. Having An Unpaid Digital Sales Staff

Think of your website as your staff, an unpaid yet highly valuable staff. 

 Amolegbe Abdulazeez

Your website is crucial to completing the cycle of your sales funnel (AIDA). From the point of Awareness, (via promotions, SEO, PPC, Ads), to catching their interest through a well designed & engaging landing page, to influencing their decision to buy from you, by making offers or incentives. And finally closing the sale / deal, Action. 


5. Data Driven Insight Into Performance Optimization

Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.

– Geoffrey Moore

Data, Data, Data. The best of economies, companies and organisations excel at all areas in terms of performance, service delivery, & revenue optimization, as result of proper collation, representation and interpretation of data. Data is the fuel to running this digital age.

By integrating data analytic systems like Google Analytics, Piwik, or Kissmetric (Ecommerce), into your website, you can collect data on various KPIs. Information about demographics, traffic source, most ordered products, time of best engagements are just some of those crucial data to exploit for better performance.

Proper study and interpretation of these data, can help you identify your areas of lapses, and guide you in optimizing service delivery & boosting ROI.

data insight for better website performance


6. Ease of Tedious Day To Day Operations

Most companies today have moved some of those time consuming day to day business operations to their websites.

For example, imagine a world without websites, where a job recruitment agency, is burdened with numerous on ground registrations. They would have to worry about accommodating numerous job seekers, providing forms to each person, collecting and filling of forms, collecting recruitment fee and taking payments to the bank, every day.

Now back to reality. An agency with a well developed and structured website can perform all these tasks and more. With dedicated registration pages and payment integration systems, you can carry out countless registrations and collect these data in your database. Payments made would also go directly to your company account.


7. Show of Professionalism

Having a corporate website indicates a professional approach to your business. Not many people would take you seriously without a well designed corporate website.

Remember this is your digital business card. Can you imagine networking, or trying to pitch sales without a business card?


8. Growth of Targeted Client Base

Understanding your client base is critical to sales optimization. With this knowledge you can design your website and share contents specific to your target audience.

For example you can’t design a photography website the same way you do, a consultancy website. The former is more visual, and leads with catchy images, the latter is more service oriented.


9. Increasing Return Customer 

Valuable contents, DIYs, quick solutions are some of those after-service resources clients need. Provide these and see a strengthened customer relationship. 

By engaging potential clients and clients, through content creation & sharing, offers & resources, you are building trust and loyalty. These would improve your client base and encourage return patronage.

 Increasing Return Customer 


10. End of Conversion Funnel To Social Media Engagement

The social media platforms are powerful tools for marketing, when properly utilized. However, you undermine the efficiency of your efforts, in management and promotions, without possession of a website.

Unlike your social media pages, your website possesses all the necessary tools for final conversion. From your landing page, to product page, portfolio, reviews, FAQs to Contact info. This is a complete sales conversion package.

Your management and promotional efforts on your social media accounts should be channeled to a specific landing page on your website. 


11. Showcasing Reviews & Testimonials

Having and displaying great reviews from clients, is extremely important. A great review can act as a catalyst for deal closure. 

Display your best reviews from your biggest clients first, and that might be the final push to convert from potential client to actual client.


12. Exploiting The Search Engines

How do you rank on Google with no website? Google will only list your social media page, if your business name is searched. 

By engaging in SEO, you can rank high on the first SERP for specific keywords or queries, inline with your niche. This is impossible without a website.

Exploiting The Search Engines


13. Improved Customer Relationship & Support

There are numerous features you can integrate into your corporate website to build on client relationships. For example, subscribing clients or users to your newsletter, providing them with valuable and informative content and offers is one of those methods.

Another way, is by offering quick support by adding an FAQ page or using a live chat system onsite. This shows that you are ready to offer after-sale support and can encourage return patronage or referral.

Improve Customer Relationship & Support


Do you still believe you don’t need a website for your business?

Frankly, there is no business in this digital age, willing to actually push its potential in terms of growth and coverage, that is going to achieve that without a professionally built corporate website. 

I want you to do a little exercise. Pick a pen and outline all the reasons why you believe you do not need one. Show them to me at the comment section, and I will give a counter reason, debunking it.

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