A Professional Web Developer and SEO expert. They manage my website and SEO, which have been at the top of my category search rank.

Ahmed Oyelowo – C.E.O. Foresight BI & Analytics


Foresight BI & Analytics is a top Business Intelligence and Data Analytics firm in Nigeria. By employing Microsoft’s BI and Data Analytics technologies, they offer world-class Training and Consulting Services.


We were approached by Foresight BI & Analytics, with a simple service request, to design a professional & immersive corporate website &  to rank #1 in their niche, on the top Search Engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo), with the focus keyphrase “Power BI Training In Nigeria”, in mind, as well a number of related phrases. 

A tough but achievable request, considering

  1. We had to design a modern, responsive and well engaging website..
  2. The design had to be structured for best possible conversion, maximum dwell time and also very dynamic.
  3. The competitive nature of the niche on search engines, locally & internationally.
  4. The incredible milestones already covered by top ranked search results (competitors), in terms of ranking and domain authority.
  5. As a data driven firm working with a data based firm, we also had to deliver timely reports using special data analytic tools, for performance & optimization.


To design on a high converting and aesthetically pleasing website, we had to incorporate the company’s identity into our design, to deliver a well structured pattern, pleasing to users. And with the right structure, utilizing  fitting fonts and appropriate company & stock images, we were able to design a website fully functional, modern & with great UI/UX experience to the client and most especially to the target users.

As a new site, we had a lot to accomplish in terms of building domain authority & driving traffic. By working with the content creating department, we were able to make the website highly engaging by creating search engine optimized contents, valuable & informative to users.


We have designed a fast, fully immersive and converting SEO website. The authority of the company on the Power BI niche has been recognized by Google. And with a steady and increasing ranking, we’ve been able to out match, former top competitors. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level & be Online-Dominant?


Are you ready to take your business to the next level & be Online-Dominant?